Workman With A Mug And Spanner

Workman Resting With Mug & Spanner (painted)

Code MBM 028P


Kid Stealing An Apple.

Youth (Stealing An Apple?) Painted

Code MBM 056P



Grocer Store Owner/barman (painted)

Code MBM 054P



Man Seated - Fishing (painted)

Code MBM 037P


Minister & His Wife

Preacher/Minister And His Wife (painted)

Code MBM 078P


Loco Crew

Observer/Fireman Diesel Locos (painted)

Code MBM 065P



Prospector Standing - Panning (painted)

Code MBM 038P


Prospector Panning

Prospector Kneeling - Panning (painted)

Code MBM 041P


Workman & Drill Press

Workman & Drill Press (painted)

Code MBM 013P


Man With Hands In Pockets

Man With Hands In Pockets (painted)

Code MBM 031P


Brown Horse

Drover & Brown Horse (painted)

Code MBM 045P


Black Horse

Drover & A Black Or Grey Horse (painted)

Code MBM 045P


Superviser Foreman

Man With A Clipboard (Foreman) (painted)

Code MBM 035P


Lady In A Long Red Dress

Lady In A Long Red Dress (painted)

Code MBM 007P


Lady In A Black Dress

Lady In A Long Black Dress (painted)

Code MBM 007P


Female Underwear

Female In Underwear (Corsets) (painted)

Code MBM 008P


Workman & Lathe

Workman And Lathe (painted)

Code MBM 010P


Loco Driver Diesles

Loco Driver -= Diesels (painted)

Code MBM 064P


Loco Driver - Steam Locos

Loco Driver - Steam Locos (painted)

Code MBM 001P


Out Of Stock
Gunfighter Shooting

Gunfighter - Shooting (painted)

Code MBM 036P


Gunfighter Shot.

Gunfighter - Shot! (painted)

Code MBM 044P


Prospector Standing With Shovel

Prospector Standing With Shovel (painted)

Code MBM 043P


Seated Man

Workman Seated (Wagon Driver) (painted)

Code MBM 019P


Man With A Newspaper

Man With A Newspaper Under His Arm (painted)

Code MBM 050P


Workman With Shovel

Workman With Shovel (painted)

Code MBM 004P


Fireman Coal

Fireman - Coal Locos (painted)

Code MBM 002P


Boy Sweeper

Boy With Broom

Code MBM 004P


Motorcycle And Rider

Motorcycle And Rider - Painted

Code MBM 025P